roo thang

get extra cpa

for every ftd!

The Affiliate Champion of Roobet promotion continues during March and this month we teamed up with the one and only Snoop D.O. Double G to offer the Top Dogg Affiliate a unique experience, on top of extra CPA for every FTD.


Just like during February, during March the more FTDs you send the more extra CPA you get for each of them. All you will need to do is contact your account manager and opt in if you haven’t done it already. The more FTDs you send the higher the extra CPA will be.

5-20 FTD

$10 extra CPA/FTD

21-50 FTD

$20 extra CPA/FTD

51-100 FTD

$30 extra CPA/FTD

100 + FTD

$50 extra CPA/FTD


become the

top Dogg
of roobet

By delivering the most FTDs during both February and March and win a unique VIP backstage experience at one of Snoop’s concerts, on top of your extra CPA.

By delivering the most

FTDs during both

February and March and

win a unique VIP

backstage experience at

one of Snoop’s

concerts, on top of your

extra CPA.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To participate you need to opt in with your account manager and receive written confirmation.
  2. This promotion is meant primarily for SEO, PPC, direct marketing and in-app traffic affiliates. Some types of traffic like retargeting and publishers who work solely on a flat fee basis (no performance-based commissions) are excluded.
  3. You must refer at least 5 FTDs in the respective month to qualify.
  4. The extra CPA applies regardless if your base commission type is CPA or not. Affiliates with Revenue Share commissions still get the extra CPA on top of their regular commissions.
  5. The number of FTDs you send in each of the promotional months is multiplied by the respective extra CPA value (i.e. if you send 70 FTDs, you will get $2100 extra CPA; if you send 150 FTD you will get $6000 extra CPA).
  6. The maximum extra CPA amount any affiliate can earn in each of the promotional months is $12,000 however, this amount could be uncapped for partnerships that have high ROI.
  7. After each of the two months end, we will apply a manual adjustment respective to the total extra CPA amount you earned and it will be paid together with your regular earnings.
  8. Campaigns that have been stopped/paused due to fraudulent activity are excluded from this promotion.
  9. By 14.04.2023, the Roobet Affiliates team will announce the Top Dogg. The Top Dogg is the Affiliate that referred the most first time depositing users during February and March combined.
  10. The Top Dogg will receive an additional prize consisting of:
      • A Ticket for two (2) to join Roobet Backstage with Snoop Dogg, including a meet and greet with Snoop Dogg.
      • Paid flight and accommodation.
      • 2000 (two thousand) USD in pocket money.
  11. You acknowledge that you are responsible for acquiring a Schengen area Visa by the time the VIP Backstage experience with Snoop Dog is held. If you cannot acquire a Visa for the Schengen area in time, your prize to attend the VIP Backstage Experience with Snoop Dog will be forfeited. Suppose the Backstage experience can not be held for any unforeseen reason, the Company reserves the right to compensate you with a 5000 (five thousand) USD cash prize instead. You acknowledge Roobet can not be held liable for failing to acquire a Visa for the Schengen area.
  12. The Roobet Affiliates team will share the details, time and location of the Backstage Experience with the Topp Dogg to arrange for it to be held at one of Snoop Dogg’s concerts.